The most bio-available ginseng.

15 times greater absorbtion
4 times faster


Benefits of Ginseng

Homeostatic Balance*
Healthy Blood Glucose*
Stress Management*
Mental Clarity & Focus*, Immunity*
Sustained Energy*, 
Restful Sleep*

Our Products

 ILHWA is the World Leader in Ginseng Science
and is recognized globally for its high quality products. ILHWA means “One Harmony.” We pursue the harmony of science and nature. The company is driven by a single passion… to bring wellness to humanity world wide through this incredible herb.


ILHWA Ginseng Science

Modern western science now
accepts ginseng as an adaptogen; a term meaning

that the herb increases the body’s resistance to stress such as trauma, fatigue and illness. Most
importantly, it restores the body’s
natural balance.