Effects of GinST-15 on Performance, Stress, and Neurophysiology in Humans


The Ohio State’s Neurophysiology and Neuromuscular sections in the Human Performance Laboratory has entered into a research agreement with ILHWA Corporation to study the stress physiology, performance adaptations, biochemical modulation, and neurological aspects of ginseng. This research may lead to greater understanding of ginseng and its application in these areas of study.

William J. Kraemer, Ph.D.
Department of Human Sciences
The Ohio State University

An 8 week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial for the antidiabetic effects of hydrolyzed ginseng extract

There is much concern about the dramatic increase in the population of type 2 diabetes patients. Both the recent prevalence rate and the estimated increase in incidence have become public health problems and create a serious burden on society. In order to identify an individual at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the concept of impaired fasting glucose (IFG) has been introduced by the American Diabetes Association [1]. Individuals with IFG have fasting plasma glucose levels between 5.6 mmol/L and 6.9 mmol/L [2]. In addition to being more likely to develop diabetes in the near future, these people are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease [3,4]. Therefore, effective approaches to control blood glucose levels are urgently needed. Previous largescale studies have demonstrated that lifestyle intervention is the best way to achieve this goal [5e7]. Pharmacotherapy is also used to manage individuals with IFG. Paradoxically, medications used to control blood glucose often cause metabolic side effects such as weight gain [8,9]. Thus, the development of alternative therapies is of paramount importance, and in this context, herbal extracts are among the most prom

ILHWA Co. forms Ilhwa North America and introduces GinST-15 ginseng extract

Korean ginseng company, ILHWA Co Ltd, just announced the formation of U.S. subsidiary, ILHWA North America Inc. Korea’s groundbreaking ginseng company, ILHWA Co Ltd, just announced the formation of a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, ILHWA North America Inc, which is launching a high absorption ginseng extract utilizing a patented high yield enzyme fermented process.  This unique ginseng extract promises to be a game changer in  the ingredient market by delivering higher efficacy, consistent absorption, improved taste profile, plus a lower cost per use.

“Today, we are proud to announce yet another important breakthrough in ginseng technology,” said Gregg Noll, president of ILHWA North America.  “Our researchers have found a way to resolve the three most important concerns of manufacturers and formulators with ginseng: increased efficacy, better taste, and lower cost.”

ILHWA Co Ltd, is a high tech pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company with 3 divisions: Ginseng, Pharmaceuticals and Beverages.  Through continuous scientific research and development for more than four decades, Ilhwa has become the world leader in ginseng science. 

They are fully KFDA compliant and GMP and ISO certified, holding numerous patents and the publications of 100’s of papers and clinical studies.   In 2011, Ilhwa received KFDA approval for a “certified health claim” on it new enzyme fermented ginseng extract to claim “helps to manage blood glucose”.   Ilhwa is the first ginseng company to receive this certification.   

Noll continued, “It is the ideal time for Ilhwa to begin ILHWA North America Inc, as we introduce our patented high absorption ginseng extract, called “GinST 15”.  

With offices in NY, FL and NV, our US corporation will enable us to provide world class direct service and collaboration for our customers in North America.   Our company is driven by a single passion…to bring wellness to humanity across the globe through this incredible herb.

“We call GinST-15, “the 21st Century Ginseng Extract”.  We are confident that it will be a game changer in the ingredient market.  Ginseng has long been a valuable ingredient for the functional food and nutraceuticals markets.   However manufacturers and formulators have had problems with ginseng taste, consistent efficacy, and cost.  GinST-15 solves all three problems.  Also, since it is coming from the world leader in ginseng science and it is clinically proven and patented; manufacturers and formulators can trust it.”

GinST-15 utilizes several advances developed by the Il Hwa research team.  “Our patented technology increases the delivery of the ginseng to be fifteen times more absorbable in the bloodstream and it speeds the rate of absorption to be four times faster and 3 times more consistent absorption,” Noll said.

 “Over the past decade, Il Hwa’s scientists developed several new enzyme processes to increase the bio-availability of ginseng in the body.  GinST-15 is the result.”  This product allows formulators to have a high-quality ginseng ingredient that is cost-effective, and equally as important, it helps to solve ginseng taste profile challenge. 

“This is the trifecta—quality, cost and taste,” said Noll.  “We at ILHWA North America believe this gives the industry leaders in nutraceuticals and health products a wonderful opportunity to utilize the highest grade of this health-enhancing herb in their products.”