If you are looking for quality and potency in the ginseng you buy, there is simply no other brand like ILWHA. The premium variety of ginseng roots and the processing technique used at ILHWA makes its products a cut above other ginseng brands.

ILHWA America was founded in 1975, with the long range goal to ‘Make America Healthy’ through its high quality Korean Ginseng products. Working towards this goal, ILHWA continues to manufacture, distribute and represent the brand with highest reputation for quality, and a promise of guaranteed consumer satisfaction.

ILHWA sets high standards beginning with the ingredients used in its products. The ginseng products at ILHWA are exclusively made from 4.5 – 5.5 year old, fresh, whole Korean roots chosen and harvested at the optimal level for power and efficacy. ILHWA has mastered this selection process for the last 30 years. Younger roots are not used because the ginsenosides develop only in the 4th and 5th year in the ginseng roots. At ILHWA, we utilize a ‘whole root’ extraction rather than the ‘standardized’ extraction to retain the best and the most of the goodness of ginseng.